A practical guide to building high impact multi-stakeholder partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals artnerships at country level can deliver extraordinary results towards the Sustainable Development Goals and provide clear guidance on how to build the most robust, effective collaborations. The Guidebook sets out the key Building Blocks of successful partnerships and the underlying processes – from initial stakeholder engagement to partnership review – necessary to develop and keep those Building Blocks in place and to maximise partnership impact. Along with frameworks to help organisations understand, identify and select the most appropriate forms of collaboration, the Guidebook includes a series of tools that support organisations through each step of partnership development and management. It also provides guidance on the more in-depth, trickier, but essential, partnering aspects – including trust, power imbalances, and the frustrations and challenges of working across different organisational cultures. From experience, the more knowledge the relevant individuals from all the partners have of the process of partnering (including the inevitable roadblocks and challenges that will come up), the faster a partnership can be developed, and the more likely it is to overcome rockier times. By ‘process’ we mean the ways of developing and managing partnerships, with a constant eye on engagement, on inclusivity, on relationship and trust building, and on co-creation.

Author DESA