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A Practical Toolkit on the rights and freedoms of women servicepersons in Armenia “Women in the Armed Forces: be aware” was produced by the Council of Europe in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Armenia. The aim of the Toolkit is to raise awareness about women’s rights and freedoms in the armed forces. The target audience of this Practical Toolkit, available in Armenian language, is particularly women who plan to join the services in the armed forces or are already serving in the army, as well as men service persons, including command staff.

The Toolkit describes in a user-friendly manner rights and freedoms of female servicepersons in Armenia. With the references to existing legal acts, situational examples, cases of prohibited actions and inactions, it includes the explanations on the notions of equality and discrimination, labour rights and the right to education, rights to serve in conditions, private life characteristics of female servicepersons, etc… The rights and freedoms enshrined in the Armenian Constitution, international treaties ratified by Armenia and domestic legal acts, are specifically outlined in the document.

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