Structured to help readers from a range of disciplines, the thesis looks at the creation of opportunities for participation in adventure sport, specifically the development of a postural support for intermediate level performers with spinal cord injury in sea kayaking. The research has shown that it is possible to increase the performance level of disabled athletes in paddle sport through the development of appropriate adaptive equipment, which in turn promotes inclusion and the broadening of opportunities. This research project takes place against a backdrop of national events and developments; notably, changes in UK legislation to do with disability access (DDA 1995), and developments in legislation to do with outdoor safety. The research also takes place against a backdrop of national campaigns, such as the ‘Campaign for Adventure’, and an increasing number of drives to make the UK’s population more active. The broad-based multidisciplinary approach is in line with reported priorities in international disability sport research, while encompassing paddlesport specific criteria.

Author Jeremy Suresh Paul

Doctor of Philosophy Department of Bioengineering, Brunel University