This guide has been developed to assist any group that has come together to develop or improve a public play space. These groups may be friends of parks, community councils, community planning partnerships or groups of local parents, carers, professionals and youngsters who have identified a gap or recognised the need for improved space to play. It can be used by funders to provide guidance to applicants and by local authorities to assist groups with their projects.

Authors Theresa Casey  -freelance consultant and author of many publications on play and children’s rights. She works in Scotland and internationally on advocacy and actions for children’s right to play. She has special interests in inclusion, children’s rights and the environment. Theresa was President of the International Play Association: Promoting the Child’s Right to Play (2008-17) and formerly Vice Chair of Scotland’s Play Strategy Implementation Group

Harry Harbottle -works mainly in Scotland and Ireland on supporting organisations and groups to design and install playspaces based on children and their connection with the elements. He was a member of the working group that developed a European Standards guide to accessible playgrounds. He speaks internationally on the balance between play value and safety. He is currently Chair of Play Scotland.