When launching the Strategy in June 2019, I stated that the United Nations would lead by example and raise its standards and performance on disability inclusion across all pillars of its work, from Headquarters to the field. The present report outlines the first steps on the path to achieving transformative and lasting change for persons with disabilities across the United Nations system. In this context, the report reflects the discernible advances achieved by the United Nations since the launch of the Strategy. It draws on the progress reports submitted by United Nations entities under the Strategy ’s entity accountability framework and the United Nations country team accountability scorecard on disability inclusion, establishing the first comprehensive baseline upon which systemwide progress on disability inclusion can be assessed. The report also highlights challenges and opportunities in achieving disability inclusion, including those associated with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and disability-inclusive response and recovery efforts, and places a spotlight on key areas in which action and continued efforts, as well as support from Member States, are further required.

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