A safe, welcoming and inclusive sport system is one where those in every role in sport (athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, board members and administrators.), feel that: they belong and are valued; their voices are heard; they have a right to choice and consent; they face no inequitable barriers to leadership roles, and they are encouraged and supported to take these on if they so choose, and there are people like them among every role in the sporting system. They are able to participate and bring their whole self to whatever field, arena, board room that they choose. We have made many strides in our sport system in Canada, but we still have a ways to go as we look at the representation of who is participating, competing and in leadership positions. The diversity of our nation is not represented throughout all aspects of our sport system- and it is this representation of our country that we aspire to have at every level of our sport system in the future.

Author Canadian Paralympic Committee